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... that goes beyond One sale

Does your website do these 5 things?

If your answer to any of these was "No"...
We're here to help you fix that.

Our websites are more than just pretty to look at.

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Solid Strategy

We use the Storybrand method and years of combined experience to deliver outstanding user experience and conversion.

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Clear Copy

When your message isn't clear, your visitors will leave. We organise and optimise your copy (or write it for you) so it says exactly what it needs to.

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Amazing Design

Good design goes beyond looking good; it draws visitors into your website's narrative - and leads them on a journey that ends in a sale or signup.

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A website is a living thing, and it needs to work on so many different levels. From speed and SEO over integrations and automations, we make it work.

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Three ways to get your website just right

We use the Storybrand method to clarify your message and turn it into a beautiful and functional website.

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Single Sales Page

Launching an online course or group programme? Boost your conversion rate with the right words, flow and funnel.

From € 795

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Content Wireframe

Craft the perfect structure and messaging for your website, so your designer can turn it into a powerful platform.

From € 2250

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Full Website

Your website drafted, designed and developed from A to Z. Don't leave anything to chance.

From € 7500

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We're your team of SmartAlpacas


Just kidding – we're actually humans who happen to love animals, a farmish way of life, and everything to do with the great outdoors.

It's just not okay with us that your expertise is not reaching the right people – and we know it's not okay with you, either.

Getting a content strategy that works for you shouldn’t be this hard.

That’s why at SmartAlpaca, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs and experts build their killer brand with our full suite marketing services since 2018.

No more dealing with disconnected freelancers or feeling like you're limping behind the competition.

Headed up by StoryBrand Certified Guide Sandrine Coosemans, and with a team of over a dozen experts in specialised areas of online marketing, SmartAlpaca is your one-stop shop to build a killer brand and reach more people with your knowledge.

Content Strategy
Online Programmes
Social Media

What we do at SmartAlpaca

(We cover all the things — so you end up with a killer online platform)


We identify opportunities and priorities so your marketing strategy fits you and your audience

Website & Funnels

Clarify your message and build strong foundations so your marketing efforts can yield better results

Online Marketing

Grow your audience, get more traffic and generate leads with the right content in the right place

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What you need to know about collaborating with us

Have a question that doesn't get answered below? Get in touch - or schedule a discovery call.

How long does your website-building take from start to finish?

What if I don’t know what my website should include?

What platforms do you build websites on?

Does this all happen online, or in-person?

What guarantees do you offer?

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Some of our work

Looking to build a new website? This is how we work.

Discovery Call

Just like every brand is unique (or should be), so is its website. Let's have a (free) call to discover what you need - and if we're a good fit.



We use the Storybrand method to outline your website flow, funnels, and customer journey. We also discuss budget, timeline, and review process.

Collecting Materials

Once we kick off the project, we first collect all necessary materials - images, existing copy, videos, etc.



The "content wireframe" visualises where everything goes and allows us to fine-tune the wording before we start on the design and actual build.


We then design the look and feel of your website. Once you approve the homepage, we can use it as the foundation for the rest of the website.



We create a "staging site" so we can build your website, add your content and set up integrations without affecting your current site.

Website Launch

With your final approval and after ensuring everything works perfectly, we move the website to your own hosting so it can "go live".


After-Launch Support

We create video tutorials for you so you or your team can make essential changes and updates, add content, manage functionalities etc.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Once we wrap up on the main project, we continue to keep an eye on your website's backend, make backups, do health checks, update plugins and themes, do regular maintenance, etc.


Not sure where to start?

Start with a Strategy Roadmap

Together, we look at what you already have. We brainstorm your best options, you get insights from top experts - and we end up with a clear plan of action.
Get A Roadmap

A website that doesn't work costs you every day

Stop leaving money on the table and get a website that does exactly what you need it to do.

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If we're a good fit, we get to work on the roadmap pretty quickly...
Once the roadmap is approved, we start building your website.
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