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Too many experts struggle to make money online because their content is a mess and they have no plan.

At SmartAlpaca, we help you organise your ideas, repurpose and optimise your content, and monetise your expertise so you reach more people doing what you love.

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Content Strategy
Online Programmes
Social Media

SmartAlpaca services

(We cover all the things — so you end up with a killer online platform)

Marketing Strategy

We identify opportunities and priorities so your marketing strategy fits you and your audience

Website & Funnels

Build strong foundations, get more traffic, generate leads and set up funnels that yield results

Content Marketing

Create, organise, repurpose, optimise and monetise relevant content for multiple platforms

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Who we work with

(because no two Alpacas have the exact same needs)

Coaches, Consultants and Service

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Mission-Driven Entrepreneursand Non Profits

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Online Courses and Membership

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Content-Heavy Websites, Blogs and Podcasts

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We're your team of SmartAlpacas


Just kidding – we're actually humans who happen to love animals, a farmish way of life, and everything to do with the great outdoors.

It's just not okay with us that your expertise is not reaching the right people – and we know it's not okay with you, either.

Getting a content strategy that works for you shouldn’t be this hard.

That’s why at SmartAlpaca, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs and experts build their killer brand with our full suite marketing services since 2018.

No more dealing with disconnected freelancers or feeling like you're limping behind the competition.

Headed up by StoryBrand Certified Guide Sandrine Coosemans, and with a team of over a dozen experts in specialised areas of online marketing, SmartAlpaca is your one-stop shop to build a killer brand and reach more people with your knowledge.

Ways to work with SmartAlpaca

(because no two Alpacas have the exact same needs)

Strategy Only: Roadmap
Deep dive into your business so you end up with a detailed roadmap + a clear action plan for getting it done.
Strategy + Copy
Need some help with the copy, so your team can implement the strategy (or you can do it yourself)? We've got you.
Get it Done (For You)
From web design and copywriting, from funnel setup to launch support, from social media to content creation - we offer services tailored to your needs.
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Content Strategy
Online Programmes
Social Media

We cover all the things - so you end up with a killer online platform

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Happy Alpacas

I felt so disorganised before SmartAlpaca

"Sandrine is the Marie Kondo of content planning and scheduling. I was all over the place before SmartAlpaca stepped in and systemised everything for me."

Monica Sood


I finally knew what to focus on

"The marketing roadmap gave me a full overview of things to work on over time, but also a short list to focus on in the short-term to see immediate results."

Joyce Bergsma

Nutritional Therapist

They know what's works and what doesn't

"The SmartAlpaca team overdelivers incredible work at a reasonable price. Sandrine is trustworthy, dedicated, inspiring, insightful, knowledgeable, and most of all has integrity!!

Robert Bencivenga

An Awakened Mind

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