Leverage your Expertise

Marketing makeover for coaches, consultants, and other experts (currently) exchanging time for money

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Wasn't this about Living and Working on Your Own Terms?

If you're like many freelancers out there, you started your own business so your work could better fit your lifestyle.

If you're finding yourself

It's time to turn things around!

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Too many experts struggle to make money online because their content is a mess and they have no plan.

At SmartAlpaca, we help you organise your ideas, repurpose and optimise your content, and monetise your expertise so you reach more people doing what you love.

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Content Strategy
Online Programmes
Social Media

What we can help with

(depending on your specific situation - no two alpacas are the same)

Clarify your Offer

Find the right words so your ideal clients can't wait to work with you... and make it easy for people to sign up.

Marketing Makeover

Focus on the marketing activities that move the needle, with a website and marketing content that do the work for you.

Leverage your Expertise

There just aren't more hours in the day - so instead, we help you set up systems and/or create digital products to help you scale.

Our Packages

SmartAlpaca Mastermind

From € 997

Opens twice a year

Group coaching + individual sessions

Weekly deep dives, hotseats, case studies, guest experts, get-it-done sessions, and more

Connect, Grow, and Get Things Done!

Strategy Roadmap

From € 2250

7 to 47 weeks of expert support

Weekly or biweekly strategy sessions
Chat support in between sessions

Marketing audit & recommendations, website and funnel outline, hands-on help with copywriting and content creation, and more

Do it yourself - with a team of experts by your side!

Marketing Makeover

From € 2997 monthly

Minimum package: 3 months

Website + Marketing Foundations

Everything in "Strategy Roadmap" plus website, sales funnels, a marketing plan and more (depending on your needs).

Full-service marketing makeover

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This is for you if...

  • You already have clients, an online following, or programs/products ready to go
  • You're motivated to work with our team and build your brand with us

This is not for you if...

  • You're starting a business and unsure what you want to do yet
  • You are too busy to carve out time to work on your business
  • You'd rather stay in your comfort zone and keep doing what you do.

Our herd of happy alpacas

(embedded case studies for coaches, group programs and VSPs)

How this works


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Strategy Roadmap

Create a clear plan for your business


See stuff happening

And create more time for the fun stuff!

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