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With Sandrine Coosemans, Certified Storybrand Guide and Pumpkin Plan Strategist

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Find MORE Joy in your Work

You don't become a premium freelancer overnight

But it's been years, and you're still not where you feel you should be.

You've got the skills and the expertise, there's no doubt about that. Now let's refocus your business so it fits your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

Attract clients
Find your tribe
Gain Confidence

Introducing: Pumpkin Plan your Service-Based Business

Find your Sweet Spot

Use the Pumpkin Plan framework to find your top clients and identify what they need from you most

Simplify your Processes

Review your marketing message and refocus (internal and external) processes to maximise efficiency

Scale with Ease

Find a way to grow your business without sucking out all the fun (and without working more hours)

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That sounds ridiculous. What does Pumpkin Planning even mean?

The Pumpkin Plan is a book by author Mike Michalowicz. You might know him as the author of Profit FirstClockwork and Fix This Next.

The book uses the following comparison: to grow a real price-winning giant pumpkin, you can't just throw some seeds on the compost heap and hope one of them becomes exceptional. You need a very special seed, the exact right soil to plant it in, and a very strict nurturing regime for it to grow into a winner.

The same goes for a successful business: the more clear you are on who your top clients are and what they really need from you, the easier it is focus on nurturing those "top clients" and optimise your "top services". That's how you grow a business that's successful and that makes you (the owner) happy too.

I'm Sandrine, and a a certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist, I have been trained to help my clients "Pumpkin Plan" their business. This means

  • To hone in on who your ideal/top clients are, and identify what they need from you most
  • To optimise and systemise your services and processes, so your business runs as efficiently as possible
  • To assess your existing and potential new packages and products to ensure maximum profitability and make it easy to scale
Once we've done that, we can use the Storybrand framework (because I'm a certified Storybrand Guide as well) combined with my marketing expertise to clarify your message and create a marketing strategy that attracts the right people - and gets you a steady stream of referrals and return clients.

Level up your business at your own pace


Get direct access to the Pumpkin Plan Action Guide, a 10-module online course that takes you through all the steps - at your own pace.

Also included: 
• A 30-minute intake session with Sandrine
• A monthly group Q&A session with other students
• Other tools at your disposal, see below

Introductory pricing:
From € 97

Group Programme

Join a small group of fellow freelancers for hotseats, role play, additional resources and extra support

• Access to the Pumpkin Plan Action Guide
• Your personalised Progress Tracker
• Weekly group calls (workshops/hotseats/Q&A)
• A quarterly check-in call with Sandrine

Introductory pricing:
From € 167/month

1:1 Coaching

All the personal attention, support and feedback your business deserves - and speed up the process of levelling up your business.

• 13 weekly or biweekly strategy sessions with Sandrine, monthly calls after this
• Access to the Pumpkin Plan Action Guide, your personalised Progress Tracker and all other resources

Introductory pricing:
From € 775/month

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What's the Pumpkin Plan Action Guide? What's included?

The Pumpkin Plan Action Guide is an online course, created by Mike Michalowicz (writer of The Pumpkin Plan) and Donna Leyens. As a certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist, I am uniquely qualified to give my clients access to this platform.
It consists of ten (10) modules or "clinics", and each clinic has 2-3 videos + extra resources: spreadsheets, cheat sheets, questionnaires, and (of course) transcripts for all the videos.

Schedule a call with me or sign up below to learn more!

When do the calls take place?

All calls (1:1 calls, group calls, workshops, and coworking sessions) take place on Zoom.

• For 1:1 calls, you will get a link to schedule them at a day and time of your choosing.
• Group calls, workshops, coworking, etc take place at a set date (weekly or monthly) and time, during European working hours (that's my time zone!). We try and make sure that everyone in the group can easily attend them. Replays are available for most of the calls.

What's that about a Slack workspace?

Slack is a business communication app; you could compare it with WhatsApp with more options (e.g. turn off notifications after working hours), organisation (you can keep conversations in channels and threads) and integrations.

The Slack workspace is available as an extra way to connect with peers, get feedback or show off your work in between calls. You will get all important updates via emails in case you don't check on Slack too often.

Why do I need to book a call before signing up?

I get it, you're busy - and you don't want to waste your time on needless calls.
However, I want to make sure you're in the right place and I promise I will tell you if I don't think you'll get the right result from this programme. "Being Straightforward" is one of my core values, or Immutable Laws (as Mike Michalowicz would call them), and I take pride in not ripping off my clients.

What if it's not for me? Can I cancel before the end of the 4 months/the year?

If things are not working out for whatever reason, please get in touch. I don't want to keep someone against their will! 

The group programme is for you if

  • You're a online creative or service provider: web designer, copywriter, online business manager, tech expert,...
  • You are motivated to show up, participate, give input, and get results
  • You have owned your business for several years and want to improve your services/profit/productivity

If that's not you, the self-paced version or 1:1 support might be better suited for you.

Ready to sign up?


Discovery call

Let's talk first. I want to make sure the programme is the right fit for you!


Pick a plan

After our call and if you still want to join, I will send you a link to sign up and make a payment.


Start your assessment

You can get started right away with the prep work: a business audit, so we can assess what works and what needs fixing.

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That's ok - not everyone wants to become a giant pumpkin grower as soon as they hear about it ;-) So how about just optimising your existing pumpkin patch?

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