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The Tools and Software we Use and Recommend

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Planning & Productivity

The Tools and Software we Use and Recommend

Every online business needs tools and software to work with, and on this page we try to provide an extensive overview of what one might need (or not need) to make things work for YOUR business.

Tools to Help you Work Remotely

These are a few of the tools, apps and resources we use on an ongoing basis.  

Some of these are affiliate links; this means that if you purchase after using my link, I get a small commission - and in several cases, you get a discount or other bonus yourself. All at no extra cost to you.

I only refer to products and services we know and love; if you want more information about any of them, do get in touch.

Downloadable Resources

  • Facebook “growth pack” by Rachel Miller (Moolah Marketer / Page Strategies / Grow Your Audience course). This includes alist of conversation starters to get more engagement on your page, a guide to using viral titles so more people will read your content and their famous list of “banned words”: words not to use on Facebook + what to use instead. More information: see my article about growing an audience with Facebook.
  • Make Money Blogging (At Any Level) - ebook by Victoria at A Modern Homestead. This ebook was key in teaching me the exact steps to take to get recurring (mostly passive) income from my blogs… and help clients achieve the same. It’s simple & detailed - and it has clear instructions on how to implement it on any type of blog (from tiny to huge).
  • Inbox Invitation: Sarah Mueller’s ebook about email marketing, including strategy, swipe files and all the things you'll ever need to start emailing your people

Websites: Domain Names & Hosting

  • I’ve been using them for domain names, hosting and email addresses since around 2002. Their standard plan includes an unlimited number of email aliases (as in, you don't need to find a different provider for your emails) + 1-click-WordPress integration.
  • If you’re on WordPress: Siteground hosting - this is where (most of) our WordPress websites are hosted + WordPress - Divi theme (Elegant Themes)
  • For heavier websites that require a bit more power on the backend: WPX.
  • SquareSpace - this is the tool we recommend and use for simple websites that you want to manage (make changes or add content to) yourself. It’s simple and the basics don’t require much learning, it’s got great built-in SEO, and it does 95% of the things WordPress does as well - without the need to download extra plugins. Plus: their customer support is really good.

Email Marketing

  • MailerLite: great email service providers for small lists that don't require intricate automations. Free until 1000 subscribers, easy to set up and it’s got everything you need when you’re just starting out.
  • ConvertKit: our all-time favourite. User-friendly, but allows for more complicated automations and integrations as well.
  • We do not recommend working with MailChimp or email features that are built into some website platforms.

Read our comparison article between different email service providers on this page.

Social Media Scheduling

  • Tailwind: the scheduling tool I use for Pinterest, but it’s also great for Instagram. They have a free trial - but if you ever switch to the paid version, you get 1 month free if you used my referral link
  • Later: the scheduling tool I use for Instagram. Allows for auto posting, while most others will need you to go to Instagram and manually post what you’ve prepared earlier.
  • I wouldn’t technically recommend to use a third party scheduling tool to post to Facebook (article on this to follow soon) - but when you need to do this, Buffer and Hootsuite do a pretty good job. You can also use them for Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tools For 1:1 Service Providers

  • Acuity: scheduling tool. You tell Acuity when I’m available (for which type of appointment), you give people the link, and Acuity does the rest. It lets people choose between your available slots, has them fill out a form & even pay (if I’d want that), send them a confirmation email & blocks off the time in my calendar. It’s a life saver.
  • Dubsado: CRM, one level up from using Acuity. Features
  • A scheduler (basically, what Acuity does)
  • Forms: onboarding forms, questionnaires, agreements to be signed, etc
  • Proposals: you can either create custom pricing for clients, or choose between the packages you save as templates
  • Invoicing & payment processing (using Stripe & Paypal)
  • Workflows - you can automate everything - or just have a couple of templates at the ready and customise when you send things out.  
  • 17hats: CRM; I switched from Dubsado to 17hats in August 2019. The main reason: I didn’t enjoy working with Dubsado, it got too messy for my taste (I create custom packages & proposals for almost every client, and there is no option to archive any of them).
  • The scheduler has less options than Dubsado’s and is a little bit glitchy, so I still use Acuity for scheduling
  • All the rest (forms, proposals, workflows) works seamlessly and feels more organised than Dubsado
  • Downside: where Dubsado allows you to create pretty proposals with extra text, images and other layout elements, 17hats only allows you to put in the packages. Which simplifies things, but not everyone appreciates this.
  • The invoicing process is much more smooth and easy to control than Dubsado’s (no one else seems to struggle with Dubsado invoices, but I did).  

Selling Digital Products

  • Teachable: this is where my courses are hosted. The free option allows you to do a LOT already - and you can upgrade to the paid option as soon as you’re ready to sell BIG. The paid options have more features, like affiliates, lower (or no) payment processing rates, dripping the lessons,…
  • Kajabi is the #1 tool (in my opinion) to host courses, memberships and other digital products. It has ALL the things - it can host your website (and blog), your mailing list, your sales funnels, landing pages, actual courses or memberships (including video etc), plus it processes your payments.
    If you have the budget to work with Kajabi, definitely do try it!  
  • SendOwl: a great place to sell digital products.
  • More on hosting a course on a third-party platform (including a comparison that includes Thinkific & Membervault) in this article.

Memberships I’m In + Courses I took & Recommend

  • Page Strategies / Grow Your Audience course by Moolah Marketer / Rachel Miller. This course is THE course on growing an audience using Facebook, and is pretty extensive. Schedule a call with me to find out if this course is a good fit for you… promise you I’ll be honest! (last thing I want, is to recommend a high-dollar course to someone who doesn’t need that course)
  • The Makers by Moolah Marketer / Rachel Miller: the follow-up membership to the Page Strategies / Grow Your Audience course. I recommend you only join the Makers if you actually took the course (in that case, Makers membership will give you access to all updates and upgrades to the course).
  • Tribe: THE course on creating or upleveling an online membership. Caveat: I would only recommend it if you have very definite plans to host a membership AND want to be doing all the work (tech, creating & marketing) yourself. If not, there are plenty of people who can help you set it up - which can be a huge time- and money-saver. Schedule a call with me if you’d like to know more!
  • Wondermom Success Club: monthly learning (from tech over marketing and decluttering to keeping your kids happy so you can get work done) + amazing vault full of tutorial videos and mini-courses + accountability.

Other Recommendations:

  • AirTable: this app blows everyone’s mind when I show them what I do with it. It’s like spreadsheets and planning tools had babies - lots of different babies. I use it for
  • Content planning: blog posts, videos, images,…
  • Social media post planning: it doesn’t do the scheduling, but it’s great to get the overview + to get approval from clients before scheduling
  • Progress tracking with coaching clients
  • Making any kind of lists
  • Creating, structuring and organising almost anything.
  • Article on this (with videos of what I use AirTable for) to follow soon!
  • Slack: my go-to communication tool. Great for communication for small teams; I also use it for my clients. Its best feature: the option to customise notifications so you don’t get them when you’re not working, or you get them on your phone when you’re away from your computer during working hours.
  • ClickUp: my very favourite team collaboration & productivity tool EVER. It does everything Asana does and more, has a calendar view (like AirTable) and a kanban view (like Trello), conversations, dependencies between tasks, assigning project statuses with colours,… - and all of that in the free version. The paid version has all of that on steroids!
  • GenM - pay (about) 150$ and get an apprentice who will work in your business 10 hours a week, for 3 months. Of course, in return you’ll have to teach them something! I’ve been working with GenM for some time now, article on this to follow soon.
  • AppSumo: THE place to get great deals on apps & programs
  • Zapier: create integrations between different tools. E.g. automatically add new signups from ClickFunnels to AirTable, or get a Slack notification every time makes a payment (these are just random examples, you can create so many different “zaps” between tools and apps!)
  • YNAB - You Need A Budget: you need this if you want the full overview of your finances.