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How to Record “Imperfect” Videos that Look Good - and Convert

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How to Record “Imperfect” Videos that Look Good - and Convert

For many online entrepreneurs, recording videos is hard - it's either something you’re not doing (even though you believe you should), or something you’re doing "because you have to" - which often results in videos you don’t feel great about. 

Sure, we all want our videos to be perfect and to look just like [insert name of YouTube guru here]'s latest creation but if you're not at that level yet, it's no use to wait and NOT record or publish any videos. I'm pretty sure [YT guru] didn't start out by being perfect - he or she had to start somewhere too. 

The video below is not about making your videos as perfect as Marie Forleo’s latest show or transforming you into a natural like Donald Miller. It’s about taking imperfect action and getting a couple of basics right, so you can create videos that do exactly what your brand needs. 

I share the top-5 things I keep in mind when I create a video. Even if you've created videos before (you're just not very proud of them), even if it's just a quick video you're doing for your clients, even if your Facebook page has 12 followers (and a reach of 3) - just follow these super simple instructions and create videos that look good - and that convert.

Download the checklist with all 5 tips and more on what you need to consider when creating videos (no signup needed).

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