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5 Things to Consider when Pricing an Online Course or Membership

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5 Things to Consider when Pricing an Online Course or Membership

When pricing an online programme (like an online course or a membership), people usually do one of these things:

  • Count the investment you made (money + time), and set a price that will guarantee you a good return on that investment. Even if deep down you know that YOUR investment has nothing to do with the value the product will have for the buyer.
  • Listen to what “experts” say your course would be worth - even though those experts are not your ideal client, they often don’t know your niche well, and they haven’t even tried your product
  • Look at what the competition is charging - and price accordingly
  • Throw spaghetti at the wall. Just come up with a number, you can always adjust later.

Would you be surprised to hear neither of those will work, unless there's a clear strategy behind it?

In most of the cases above, you’ll end up with something that’s either overpriced - or sometimes under priced. You don't want to end up with something your people aren't buying because there's a disconnect between the product and its price!

I can’t tell you how much your course is worth (only you can do that!) - but in this video, I share 5 steps to take when you set the price for your online course or membership.

These are quick questions to help you either feel more confident about the price you had in mind - or set a price that makes sense for you (and for your online program).

Note before you start watching: I'm not in any way saying your product is overpriced.

Charging too little for a course can lead it to seem less attractive to your ideal people.

If your course is really worth a bit more, check out the video I did about helping your buyers see the value!

Want to hop on a call with me and brainstorm your online course or membership? It's free, and there are no strings attached.