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Moolah’s "Grow Your Audience" Course: Is it for You?

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Moolah’s "Grow Your Audience" Course: Is it for You?

Rachel Miller’s “Grow Your Audience” course is open for enrolment again… and the #1 question everybody asks is “I have a XX type of business. Will I benefit from this course?”

My answer is…

It’s not just about the type of business you have. In this article, I’m answering the main questions below as directly as possible - if you’d really like to know if the course would apply to YOUR business, schedule a (free) call with me. I was a coach for the course and even helped create a bunch of the content for quite a while, so it's fair to say I know what it can and cannot do for you.

I promise I’ll be honest - and tell you if it’s not for you. Because the last thing any course creator wants, is for people to join the course if it’s not a right fit… And although I absolutely adore the course, the method, Rachel Miller and the Moolah team, and I have seen it get people BIG results, I've also seen people not getting the results they expected. Let's avoid that! 

Before we start: this course used to be called “Page Strategies”, now goes by the name of “Grow your Audience”, and is generally known as “the Moolah Marketer course”. I use all three terms interchangeably.

What type of businesses can benefit from the “Page Strategies” course?

The answer to this one is simple: about ANY type of business can benefit from the Page Strategies course. Because it’s not about what type of business you have: it’s about using specific techniques and strategies to grow a following of people who LOVE what you do (and will buy what you’re selling).

Page Strategies can be used by

  • Bloggers
  • Ecommerce
  • Brick & mortar store owners
  • Virtual service providers
  • Event organisers
  • Non-profits
  • Online course creators and membership owners
  • And more…

Granted, not EVERY element of the course can be used for ANY type of business. And knowing all the things you COULD do, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do all of them.

For instance, growing your audience exponentially is much easier if your platform is about something people are passionate about and can’t help but talk about on social media. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to grow a following of engaged users if your target audience is a bit shy, or if your product isn’t something people are super passionate about; it might just be a little slower… and the numbers may be a little less impressive. However, if you get through the course and are able to apply the strategies to your platform, your conversion rates would often be much higher than for the same type of page with more page likes.

What level does your business need to be at, to take the course?

Technically, the Page Strategies course is open to anyone with any type of business at any level…

However, it works best if you already have a business idea. And if you have a bit of a budget to get started; the course itself isn’t cheap - and you’ll also want to invest a little bit of money into ads to test your audience when you just get started. (don’t worry, you won’t be buying likes or anything - it’s much more fun than that, and the results might surprise you!).

You might have read that you “need to have a Facebook page” already before you can take the course; that’s not technically true (many students actually start a new page during or after the course, even if they already had one before they signed up). However, it helps if you’re familiar with social media already. Although it’s not necessary to know the difference between a page or a group, or how to copy-paste a URL; the little things make it more work when you just start out.

But if you’re ready to put in the extra work… then this should not hold you back.

What other factors to consider before signing up to “Grow Your Audience”

Money: how much ads budget should you take into account?  

The idea behind the “Moolah Method” is pretty simple:

  1. Pinpoint your avatar - your ideal client or customer, your raving fan
  2. Grow an audience - use what you know about your ideal followers to grow a following of people who love you and your content…
  3. Monetise your audience. Although this isn’t technically part of the course, it’s part of the main principle: once you have an audience and you know what they want - you can sell it to them.

In many cases, you can do this 100% organically - without paying a dime on ads. However, if you want to do it faster… the course will teach you how to invest (wisely!) in engagement ads. This can help you test your audience and find more of your ideal followers quicker. Don’t worry if this sounds like a LOT - the course will show you exactly how to do that.

There are 3 bits of advice I’d like to give you if you’d like to use ads to grow your page:

  • Don’t start running ads before you are REALLY clear on who your ideal follower is, and what type of message they’d resonate with. Yes, you can refine the message and find the most engaged users with running ads - but before you do that, you’ll want to know where to start.
  • You can start running ads for a budget of 2$ a day. Or less - but that’d just be one ad, not much testing you’ll do with just one ad.
  • Always leave an ad up for at least 24-48 hours; it needs to “learn” before it starts getting results.
    (I know, it’s just a detail, but so many people set up their ads and then change their minds as soon as it doesn’t do what they expected… I’m just saying, give it a bit of time before you decide it’s a bad ad).

If you’re penniless, your business needs to start making money yesterday and you’re thinking of investing your last penny into the course… don’t do it. There are quicker ways to make money right now, so you can work on the growing-your-audience thing later.

(Want to hear my thoughts on this? Schedule a call. At least THAT’s free, and I’m good at helping you find out what to prioritise… so you don’t spend your money on the wrong thing at the wrong time).

Time: how much time will it take to go through the course - and implement it?  

Ah, that’s the real conundrum there. I’m not telling you to not take the course if you don’t have the time to implement it (you’re guaranteed to get a couple of BIG insights)… but it does take time to do ALL the things.

There are three different levels to the time you can invest in the course:

  • Watching the videos. Most of them are not too long and fun to watch; Rachel is not just a “talking head”, the videos are well-made and include graphics and fun experiments (you’ll see). This is not what’s going to take up your time.
  • Implementing the teachings: this will take a considerable amount of extra time. Each lesson presents you with new insights (many of which will blow your mind) and you'll want to put it into practice right away. How much time that takes, is very personal: if you already know who your ideal follower is, you know the Facebook backend well already, if you're great at content creation and/or if you're good at doing the autopilot stuff during dead times (e.g. while you're watching TV), it takes less time than if you're starting from scratch and are not familiar with any of the tools.
  • The long game: that’s where it gets challenging… growing an audience of people who love what you do is not a 6-weeks thing - it’s not something you just do while you’re going through the course (although that's where people often see the biggest results!) - it’s continuous. It requires constant testing & tweaking (at the beginning, and then again every time you add a revenue stream); daily engagement and communication with your followers; regular content creation, and more. The course will teach you tricks to make that easier on yourself - but it’s still work. FUN work, but still work.

(Thinking of outsourcing instead? Schedule a call. My team and I can apply the Moolah methods to your social media accounts - so you get results without putting in the effort).

An open mind

One of the best things about the Page Strategies course is that Rachel Miller and the coaches are right there with you; they’re in the group answering questions, posting extra tutorials, reviewing students’ pages,… They may sometimes not tell you what you want to hear, but it can help to step out of the box - and see your platform from another perspective.

Another great thing is that once you know how to apply it to Facebook, it's not a huge jump for most people to apply it to other social media platforms.

What you get when you sign up for Moolah

This might seem like a “duh” question - you get access to the course, of course.

However, if you sign up through our (affiliate) link, you also get our special bonuses. At no extra cost to you!

We regularly tweak my bonus offer to make them suitable for current trends and practices in the world of online business.

Our bonuses usually include

  • 1:1 strategy sessions
  • Access to our templates, checklists and tutorials
  • Chat support on Slack
  • And often more… e.g. launch support, a marketing plan in AirTable, etc.

If you're not sure what I'm currently offering

How this works:

  1. Click one of the buttons above (or this link) and purchase the course.
  2. After you’ve done that, you should get a confirmation from us within 24 hours. Sometimes the tech goblins don’t make the information available to us right away… please don’t take it personally, and get in touch if you get worried!
  3. About 2 weeks after your purchase (it can take a while for said goblins to make things official), you will get an email with a link to sign up for our kick-off call; we’ll discuss your wants & needs and how to move forward.

Any questions? Not sure which bonus to choose? Get in touch and ask me anything - or just schedule a call!