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How I Dropped Out Of The Rat Race - And Created a Life & Business On My Own Terms

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How I Dropped Out Of The Rat Race - And Created a Life & Business On My Own Terms

It’s a sunny Friday afternoon, and you’re sitting on a terrace with your colleagues, having one of those after-work drinks.

While everyone talks about their weekend plans (busy-busy, full schedule, driving kids around and visiting family and doing all the things) and holiday projections (only getting a couple of weeks off, so we MUST get the most out of it!), conversations still end up being about work. Another project, another client, another coworker…

And you’re sitting there thinking - there must be more than that.

Sounds familiar?

Ok, maybe it wasn’t sunny or it wasn’t Friday - but most of us have had at least one or two moments like these… wondering what you’re really doing in that endless hamster wheel of life.

For my husband and me, it was after we came back from a month-long road trip in the USA and Canada, leading us through national parks and long and winding roads…
Being back in the city, everything suddenly felt so small. 

Thankfully, I happened to have this little business of mine - back then, it was a combination of Personal & Virtual Assistant work. And during that trip to the USA, we had that realisation: with this business, we could live anywhere we wanted, do anything we wanted. Well, almost anywhere, almost anything; what I was making wasn’t going to pay for a high-end life in Manhattan ;-)

However, we were able to sell our house in Amsterdam, and use that money to buy a property in Spain. Olive and almond trees, pine forests and grassy terraces… and the most beautiful view in the world.

And my online business allowed me to continue making enough money to pay off the loan we took to build the house, and pay for a comfortable life in Spain.

So indirectly, my VA business allowed us to make that Big Leap towards our dream life - living the “simple life” in Spain. We now have alpacas, chickens, farm dogs - and an absolutely stunning view. 

Watch the video below to hear the whole story!  

And since then, of course, it’s been my mission to help other entrepreneurs achieve THEIR dream. And after a couple of years of helping other entrepreneurs just by myself, I started building a team that could help us make things happen (faster).

The video below is a couple of years old now, but - watch it to hear more about where SmartAlpaca came from!