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Is "the Algorithm" Out to Get You?

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Is "the Algorithm" Out to Get You?

If you have a Facebook page (or are using Facebook in any other way), you’ll have been confronted with the famous “algorithms”.

Algorithms are complicated processes that help Facebook decide how much reach your post will get; i.e. how many people will actually get to see your content in their news feed.

If you’ve tried selling on Facebook before, you might have thought the Facebook algorithm is “against you” or people might have told you you have to “pay to play.”

But why is this the case?

I originally recorded this in video format - check out the video below if you’d prefer that to reading!

Facebook Is a Social Network, Not An E-commerce Website

Firstly, the algorithm is not necessarily against you, it just wants you to use the platform “right”. And if you’re going to make money through their platform - they’ll want to get something from it as well.

Facebook is primarily designed for people to connect with each other. It’s not meant to be just a hub for buying and selling products and services.

If you are just using the website for business purposes, then it’s only fair for the social network to charge you.

As a user of this social network, you don’t want all kinds of random businesses to be able to spam you with ads out of the blue, do you? Why would you want a newsfeed full of promotions you didn’t ask for?

That’s not why regular users are on Facebook - so Facebook doesn’t want them to get too much of that kind of content.

Connect With Your Followers on Your Business Page

Facebook is a social network. As the name implies, the primary goal is for people to connect with each other - with other people, but also with causes, businesses, event organisers, etc.

If you’re using this social networking site for business, the best way to “get around” the algorithm is by creating a connection between your business and its followers.

Constantly bombarding your audience with promotions and having no sense of community or interaction will guarantee you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

That’s why, as a business owner, your number one goal on Facebook should be to connect with your followers and potential buyers.

You can easily connect with your audience by:

  • Telling them stories
  • Encouraging them to tell you their story or give their opinion
  • Asking questions to gauge their interests
  • Answering their questions and responding to their comments regularly
  • Starting up a conversation on your business page (this list of conversation starters can help you with that!)

All of this creates engagement: how many people will like your content, comment on it, click the link, watch the video, share it with their friends? The more engagement a post gets, the more reach Facebook will give to it as well.

Facebook algorithms will give more reach to content that creates conversations and connections.

Create Real Connections

Another way you can increase your reach on Facebook is by avoiding the use of words that Facebook doesn’t like you using. We call them “banned words”.

These are words that flag to Facebook that you’re trying to sell something, (“click here to buy”) or create fake engagement (“like and share this post”).  Facebook wants your followers to engage with your content because it’s good content - not because you’re asking people to like it.

Want to know what’s not working (and what you could use instead)? Check out the list of banned words by Moolah Marketer.

If you succeed in creating real connections between you and your clients, between your business and your clients, or even between your clients themselves, Facebook will give you all the bandwidth you’d like.            

Is This Strategy Working For Other Successful Facebook Pages?

Simply go and have a look at high-performing business pages. There are lots of pages out there that are doing this right, and the Facebook algorithm rewards them by showing their content to more people.

Don’t just look at pages that have a lot of “page likes”, but low engagement; we’re talking about pages where followers will comment on the content, share it, tag their friends, and more.

These pages are not being “salesy”, they’re not trying to promote something or get you to buy things all the time. They’re taking the time to create a community and to get to know their followers better.

Sure, they’ll be selling things as well - hey, gotta make money somehow, right? But since they invested in creating a connection with their audience first, their followers will already know and trust them, and as a result, be more inclined to  purchase from them.

Next time you’re on Facebook, instead of promoting something directly, try creating connections. This will help you further down the line too.

If you’d like a bit more help with growing your audience on Facebook and boosting your traffic, check out the Growth Pack from Moolah Marketers to get you on the right track.

Do you use Facebook as part of your business marketing strategy? What are some of the best ways you’ve discovered to build connection and community through Facebook?

Tell us about them in the comments below.