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How To Make Facebook Ads Work For You

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How To Make Facebook Ads Work For You

Facebook Ads are often seen as the magic solution to growing your business quickly & easily - but that’s not always the case. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, advertising with Facebook can be a great way to invest a lot of money into a bottomless pit. 

However, Facebook ads CAN be a really effective way to grow your business - as long as you use them the right way

Why Should You Use Facebook Ads? 

If you’ve got a product you want to sell using social media, advertising on Facebook is a wonderful way to do this.

A few of the (many) benefits include:

-Increasing brand awareness
-Driving traffic to your site
-More eyes on your sales pages
-Cost-effective, with a great return on your investment (when used the right way.)
-Being able to target the ads to your ideal audience

-The ability to track and measure results

-When done correctly - bringing in leads and ultimately...sales!          

First Time Running Facebook Ads?

Setting up paid promotions on Facebook isn’t like waving a magic wand; Facebook ads can’t make things appear if they aren’t already there. Advertising on Facebook can work as part of your overall marketing strategy - but you’ll need to do some groundwork first. 

This means making sure that:

  • Your brand visuals resonate with your buyers. Having brand colours, copy and imagery that attract your ideal customers (and using those in your ads as well) makes it more likely for people to engage with them.
  • Your Facebook content is optimised for organic traffic and engagement. If your page’s content isn’t getting “free” engagement, your ads will be more expensive.
  • Your landing page is optimised for Facebook. Facebook wants your landing page to be super CLEAR, with (links to) company information, and no money-making claims etc. This article has a pretty good list of what you need to consider. 
  • Your Facebook page is optimised for conversion. Make sure you’re attracting the right people, so when they see your page it’ll be irresistible for them to like & follow it. 

One major tip - don’t run “like” ads (ads with the aim of increasing the number of “likes” on your page) unless you’ve got a fairly well- established page (at least ten thousand likes) and the engagement on your page is pretty good. 

If that’s not the case, there’s a good chance that paying for people to like your page will result in getting a lot of likes from people who aren’t passionate about what you do… and won’t engage with your content anyway, let alone buy from you. 

Facebook Ads Are Not Instant

Facebook ads are not a quick fix.

When you want to start running ads, you’ll be doing some research first so you can find out who to “target” with the ads. Facebook has “Audience Insights” to help you with this - a tool to do specific audience research, which is pretty awesome if you like stats and numbers. 

You can find out who your ideal audience is (demographics) and what else they're interested in (interests, behaviours, activities), which will help you target them. However, even if you know where your people are on Facebook and how to target them, you will still need to test your ads. 

You need to test both the message and the image on them. Sometimes one image will convert a lot better than the other; but you won’t always know why. That’s why it’s important to try different visuals and even different descriptions for your ads - so you can test which ones work best. 

Part of the Bigger Picture: Making Strategy

 The best way to make Facebook ads convert well is to make them part of your wider marketing strategy. 

Having ads that lead to a sales page that doesn’t get its message across, won't convert to sales. If your emails are not enticing, then they aren’t going to convert for you either.

As mentioned before, ads are just a really good way to enhance what's already there; if your strategy isn’t converting people who already know you and love you (organically), getting MORE eyeballs on it might not make a big difference.

If you’re ready to get started with Facebook ads (whether you want to do it yourself, or you’re partial to outsourcing but want to know the basics before you do) - check out our Facebook Ads 101 class

It’s the “quick and dirty” on Facebook ads; just 7 videos showing you around Facebook Ads Manager & Audience Insights tool, demonstrating the possibilities, and discussing the most important ads strategies. 

There are so many ways to run paid promotions on Facebook, but this series will give you the A to Z of the basics. From setting them up to seeing results, it’s more than enough to get you started. 

If watching videos about Facebook Ads is not on your list of priorities right now but you’d like to chat strategy & next steps, then by all means schedule a discovery call to discuss your project. While we don't run Facebook Ads as a stand-alone (it always needs to be part of a bigger strategy!), we'd love to discuss how we can use both organic and paid strategies to get your business where you want it to be!