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Starting a blog, a podcast or an informational website can be fun - and it's even better when you realise your content could be making you money. But that's where most content creators get stuck:

It's time to turn things around!

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Too many experts struggle to make money online because their content is a mess and they have no plan.

At SmartAlpaca, we help you organise your ideas, repurpose and optimise your content, and monetise your expertise so you reach more people doing what you love.

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What we can help with

Strategy & Planning

Get a research-based content plan for the next 12, 24 or 36 months, with relevant keywords for each post

WordPress Website

Stunning and highly functional WordPress websites that people just don't want to leave

Email list building

Lead magnets and content upgrades, email funnels and automations, email marketing


Rank higher on Google and other search engines with search engine optimisation

Keyword Research

Get more traffic by writing content people are actively looking for


Our copywriters create highly engaging website content and emails


Advertisment, affiliate partnerships, sponsored content, a webshop, digital products, etc

Content Marketing

We use proven methods and personalised strategies to get traffic to your website

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We'd love to work with you if...

  • You have content ready to go - written content, video, a working podcast,...
  • You're in it for the long game, and understand content marketing and SEO take time and consistency to "catch on"
  • You want to get more traffic, better conversion, and make more money from your website

Our herd of happy alpacas

(embedded case studies for coaches, group programs and VSPs)

How this works


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Strategy Roadmap

Create a clear plan and timeline


Create & Launch

Start leveraging your expertise!

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