Marketing strategy for a launch tech specialist

Case Study

Marketing strategy for a launch tech specialist



Launching a course, membership, or other online program?

Tracie will take your idea and set up the tech backend for it.

Landing pages, email sequences, payment processors, automations and integrations: you do the work and give her the content, and she’ll get you launched.

When she came to me, Tracie was trying to pivot her business for the umptieth time; people didn’t really get what her special skills were, and they’d constantly advise her to change her whole business plan.

Tracie was clear on who she wanted to work with. So we created packages her ideal people absolutely needed, and a marketing plan that went with it.

When her website broke down, we rebuilt it from the ground up - and did full keyword research, so Tracie would know exactly what her ideal people were looking for in terms of content.

In 2020, Tracie experienced her best year in business yet - and she’s all set to double her revenue in 2021.

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