Content Marketing & SEO for a marine life expert

Case Study

Content Marketing & SEO for a marine life expert

Martina lives in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii; she’s an ocean conservation passionate - and a manta ray expert. Every night, she and her husband take small groups out into the ocean to meet the “gentle giants of the sea”.

Martina is my “oldest” client - we’ve been working together since my olden days as social media strategist.

She came to me years ago to uplevel her Facebook game and start a Facebook group; in March 2020 (literally weeks before COVID hit), we decided to tackle her full marketing strategy.

  • We first eliminated tools and software Martina was paying for, but that weren’t serving her.
  • Her website wasn’t working for her: there were so many options that people would have no idea where to go next, the website was pretty slow, it wasn’t optimised for search engines, there were an incredible amount of broken links, and landing pages weren’t converting (at all). We restructured the website to give people a clear overview on what to expect - and rebuilt her landing pages so they’re finally building her email list on autopilot. Plus, we cleaned up the backend - so even though we weren’t achieving the results a full rebuild would have given us, at least it’s now running a bit faster and smoother.
  • In the fall of 2020, we did full keyword research for her brand - and we started optimising her website for SEO (backend + existing pages + new blog posts). We’re still working on reviewing and optimising her existing articles, bit by bit!

As a result, Martina’s website traffic went up like crazy.


Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 19.43.55.png


Instead of having a few open places on their “moonlight manta swims” every night, they’re now booked out weeks in advance.

She has a couple of free and low-priced digital resources on her website as well; they’re now growing her email list on autopilot - and we’re currently working on a underwater photography course to add to the offering.

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