Digital Marketing for an author and speaker

Case Study

Digital Marketing for an author and speaker



Jill is the best-selling author of “Big Wild Love”, TEDx speaker, passionate dog mom, and so much more.

She came to me because

  • Her WordPress website was completely breaking down, and every little update or change was costing her a (relative) fortune
  • Her (very awesome) resources were all over the place, to the point that she wasn’t sure what she was offering and who she’d shared it with (and how)
  • Her social media effort weren’t getting much result

The first thing we did when we took over, was moving her website to Squarespace. There was no budget or time to recreate an absolutely awesome site on WordPress, but her simple website is now doing exactly what she needs it to do.

We took the pulse of her business, and helped her step away from expensive tools and software that weren’t what she needed; we moved her email list to ConvertKit, set up her (many) lead magnets on MemberVault, and took care of all integrations and automations.

We then created a marketing strategy that made sense for her:

  • Jill is a popular guest on podcasts, does a lot of guest blogging, video interviews, etc. We now have a system to make sure everything she does gets promoted on social + gets a spot on her website.
  • Jill’s followers love her videos; Jill now provides us with regular video content - that we turn into blog posts, newsletters and social media content
  • Jill is always creating new resources for her audience: from simple checklists to full online courses. We help her turn ideas into reality - we’ve got people on the team to design her PDF downloads, to edit the videos, to put her courses and workshops together, design new landing pages, etc.

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